Shohar ko Kabu Karne ka Wazifa

Shohar ko kabu karne ka Wazifa is required in this society at higher rate for those ladies who are targeted of male dominancy, to fight against this unfair on you destiny mean of Dua or some other Amal is required. Wazifa is the one of the trustworthy mean to get your dreams fulfilled and if you are expecting Shohar ko Kabu karne ka Wazifa then without making any delays you can make contact to us, and get that process through which you can get your control over your husband, several time you will be dilemma that whether to go with any magical process or not, it might harm human or not. Not only wazifa but also our astrologers have implemented shohar ko kabu karne ka jadu.

Shohar ko Kabu karne ka Wazifa in Urdu:-

Bismilla hir Rehman nir Raheem

Taking Name of ALLAH,

The Benevolent and the Kind

Salallahu Ale Muhammad

Salallahu Alayahi Wasallam

शौहर को काबू करने व वज़ीफ़ा उर्दू में: –

बिस्मिल्ला हीर रहमान नीर रहीम

अल्लाह का नाम लेते हुए

सलअल्लाहू अले मुहम्मद

सलअल्लाहू अलय्हि वसल्लम

Shohar ko kabu karne ka amal

You don’t have to worry about that Shohar ko kabu karne ka amal is only make to your relationship more stronger, it will never harms on your husband in spite will be granting you the control over him, so that if you are having any kind of problems with him can be able to resolved, whether you are guilty for the troubles in your relationship or not but since you will be having control over him then without any issues you can have him in your life as per you premises.shohar ko kabu karne ka wazifa

And also Shohar ko kabu karne ka amal the holy mean is available which is specially designed to protect relationship, If you are feeling inferior in society due to the behavior of your husband, he is not hailing you or might be he is not interested in you, having some extra marital affairs which you are not able to break then but you can make every trouble out of your life by the mean of Shohar ko kabu karne ka amal, for that you only has to mention your request to us, and we will implement the holy mean, the ability we acquire by the benevolence of our ancestors and the Tap we did for a long period, with the only intention to help human in saving their relationship from any kind of danger.

Shohar ko kabu karne ka amal in Urdu:-

Man Kana Muhammad in Abaa Ahadin

Min rijaalikum Walla Kin Rasool

ALLAHI WA Khatiman Nabiyeena

Be Rehmatikaa Ya Ar Hamar Rahemena

शौहर को काबू करने का अमल उर्दू में: –

मन काना मुहम्मद इन अबा अहदिन

मं रिजालीक्म वाल्ला किन रसूल

अल्लाहि व ख्यातिमान नबीयीन

बे रहमतिका या अर हमर रहिमन

Perform this Wazifa before going to sleep when you are on bed:-

  • Make a resolution.
  • Wherever you go to bed for sleep. It doesn’t matter that your bed sheet, pillow is clean. Begin with recital eleven times of Darwood Sharif. After then recite with ‘Bismilla Sharif.
  • Remember the person for whom you perform Wazifa.
  • This Wazifa must be performed constantly without skipping a single day. You can perform this method for 11 days and better if you make it 21 days for good results.
  • This Amal is miraculous.

Shohar ko kabu karne ki dua

All those wives who are feeling cheated due to the behavior of husbands, or suffering with tortures in relationship due to some external affairs in your relationship then without making any second thoughts you can make contact to us, to protect you from any kind of problems we are always with you with the Holy mean of kisi ko kabu karne ki dua. Shohar ko kabu karne ki dua will be shared to you, which is very simple in implementation and will never allow your husband to go away from you.

Once if you are having your control over your husband then no matter who is willing to trouble you will never dare to impact your life, since you will be having the protection over your relationship by acquiring the Shohar ko kabu karne ki dua and you your husband will be following you not anyone else, whatever the mistake you did or not but your husband will always be having faith on you and always going to support you.

Shohar ko kabu karne ki dua in Urdu: –

Waamina alanasi man yatthakhithu

Min duni Allaahi anadadan yuhiboonahum

kahubi Allahii wallatheena amano ashaddoo

hubban lillahii walav yaraa allathena alamoo

iith yarawnaa alA Athaba anna alquwwataa lillahi

jamee Aan wanna Allha shadedu ala athabi

शौहर को काबू करने की दुआ (उर्दू में): –

वामिन अलणसी मन यातथाखिथु

मं दूनी अल्लाहि अनददन युहीबूनेहम

कहबि अल्लाही वललथिन अमनो अशड्डू

हुब्बान लिल्लाही वाल्व यारा अललथेना अलामू

ईठ यरव्ना अला अथबा अन्ना अलक़ुव्वता लिल्लाहि

जमी आन वांनै अल्लह शड्डू अला आठबी