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Powerful Mantra to Destroy Enemies

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We bring powerful mantra to destroy enemies by using this technique you will get rid from enemies in your life. In today’s competitive era everybody wants to be more popular and successful. In this journey of live some people become our friends and some got jealous with our triumph and wanted to harm us secretly. We will provide you a strong powerful mantra of hanuman to punish your foes. These Hanuman mantras are very simple to recite and composed in Hindi language chanted by various Hanuman sadhak to remove their fears and destroys the enemies.

Mantra: Om Nomo Veer to Hanuman Veer |Surya ka Tej, Shatru kii Kaya |

Adit Chakra Devi Kalka Chalaya |Chal re Bade N Kara |

Bad main Kroon Terre Jeev ka Ghaat |Mein N daron Terre Peer Soon |

Marun Tane Eke Teer Soon |Mere Mara Aisa Ghoomai |

Jaisa Bhujang Ki Lahar Prai |Tohi Girta Marun Baan |

Ferry Chloe to Yeti Hanuman Ki Ana |Shabd Sancha |

Pind Kancha |Faro Mantra Ishwarovacha |

Chant this Hanuman mantra 108 times in Saturday night up to 51 days. Knockout the enemies with spelled horse bean 7 times. After that he will get completely destroyed. This powerful mantra to destroy enemies will give you strength for getting rid from your enemies.

Islamic Wazifa to get rid of enemy

Here by using our Islamic Wazifa to get rid of enemy can help you in destroying your enemies. Islamic Wazifa is purely based on Islamic techniques these methods are very beneficial for our Muslim customers. A brave person faces all complications of his life and he hasn’t any fear of his enemies. In life if you are facing lot of troubles and harassment by your enemies. Though these cruel intentions people follow every unwanted method to collapse you but we have some powerful techniques to defeat them. These Wazifa possess some mysterious power from heaven blessed with all the magical authority of Allah. Through this Islamic Wazifa you will gain sovereignty on your enemies and also they got vanished completely.

Islamic Wazifa: Bismilla hir Rehman nir Raheem

Salallahu Allah Muhammad Salallahu

Elahi Wasallam.

You can read this Islamic Wazifa to get rid of enemy when you require protection from your enemy. Islamic Wazifa will provide you safety from getting harmed by enemy. This Wazifa are built for prolonged research practices and experienced of our maulavi ji. Our sole purpose is to provide safeguard to our followers and give them a successful and guaranteed solutions for all their problems. Customer satisfaction and to spread happiness in society is our main aim.

Mantra to destroy enemies plan

Mantra to destroy enemies plan can completely destroy their plans. By using these mantras, you will defeat your enemies and make your path free from obstruction. In astrology there are several yagya, puja and haven to destroy your enemies. Our specialist team of astrologers are masters of all the Puja siddhis it can implement powerful method to punish your enemies and defeat their malicious intentions so that nobody can try to harm you. It will destroy all their conspiracy which your enemies will plot against you. We will provide you Vipreeta Pratyangira siddhi mantra.

Mantra: Khadagam Kapalam Damru Trishulam

Sambhibrati Chandrakal Vatansa||

Pingodharva Kesho Asit Bhim Drastam

Bhuyat Vibhutyae mam Bhadrakali||

Chanting of this most powerful mantra to destroy enemies plan can evokes goddess Pratyangira. Vipreeta Pratyangira sadhna is used to eradicate and enemy and reverse their mind who unnecessarily trying to harm a weak and innocent person. It puzzles your opponents by destroying their malicious thinking by confusing him. This is highly recommended use this sadhna under siddha practitioner after going through sadhna diksha.

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