Pyar (mohabbat) ko Pane ka Amal

If you are suffering from the issue that you have lost your love and not having solution what to do, come to us by implementing Pyar ko Pane ka Amal we will bring your love back. Love is an important thing in person’s life and every one want to live happy with their love by due to some circumstances you can’t stay with your love.

Pyar ko Pane ka Amal is an approach to bring closer to your love and make your feelings strong for them, it also make your relation stronger and long-lasting. By keeping a lemon below your pillow during the sleeping time for 3-4 days and feed this lemon to that person whom you want in your life, you will get successful result. For all these spells you need perfection and everyone is not perfect in this work, it’s not a big issue you can contact us and our BABA Ji will help you in some manner. Our astrologers are also perfect in the mohabbat khatam karne ka amal if any person is want to marry with his love.

Pyar ko pane ka amal in Urdu: –






प्यार को पाने का अमल उर्दू में: –

नाद-ऐ-अली अय्याम मज़हरील

जेजेबी ताजिद हु अवनलाक फिनवा

इबि कुल्लू हमीनव्वा ग़मीं स्यांजलि

बी रहमतिका या अल्लाह वबी नबूवतीक

या मुहम्मद वबी विल अयातिक या अलिययु -2 अल।

नोट: – नाद-इ-अली को बहुत शक्तिशाली अमल है इसे बहुत से काम में प्रयोग किया जाता है।

Pyar ko pane ka Wazifa

Pyar ko pane ka Wazifa, is also one of the best method to bring your love in your life again. But person need to have an experience while implementing khoya pyar hasil karne ka Wazifa on the person you want.

Sometime problems also occur like you having a long relationship and due to some misunderstanding you lost your love forever. But with the help of Pyar ko pane ka Wazifa you can do whatever you want with your love one.

Pyar ko pane ka wazifa in Urdu: –



प्यार को पाने का वज़ीफ़ा (उर्दू में)

अल्लाहुम्मा जॉनी मेहबूब इन फि मिलते

बइहाकी या बुदुहू या बुदुहू

Process of this love Wazifa: –

  • Do namaz after Insha.
  • Read daarood 11 times.
  • Read Mand rejaa zahel 11 times.
  • At lastly read daarood 11 times.
  • Read this Wazifa upto 40 days.
  • Then take some sheemi for sweetning
  • During the execution imagine your lover picture in your mind and read this upto 40 days.

Pyar ko pane ka upay

We notice many of people are facing with the problem that there husband or boy-friend is not showing interest in them and they fall in love with some other women. You already have done all the mechanism to bring them back but no positive result is there, we will provide you Pyar ko pane ka upay through this you can make them your fan and they are not going to leave you for any another women.

Pyar ko pane ka upay is the process to make your love life stronger and tight if you feel it’s going to be dead sooner. If you are not able to do this process by your own you can come to us and we will offer you our service and give you the assurance that the spells done by us have some mean and are not fake.

Process: – At any new moon night firstly break two dried leaves of pipal tree don’t take leaves from ground break them from tree whether it is dry or pale. If you love someone or whom you want to impress write their name on both pipal leaves. Write with kajal on these leaves and put it upside down near oak tree and put a heavy stone on it and put red sindoor on another leaves. Bring it on your terrace by putting it upside down and put a heavy stone on it and do this technique on upcoming full moon night and do this till 16 days and water people tree every day. Then after some days that person attracted towards you and try to contact you.

Pyar ko Pane ka Tarika

Winning your ex-girlfriend permanently is not a big task. The hard part is to live with them happily after all they already left you once. To keep them for life long with you again try Pyar ko Pane ka Tarika once and see the desired result. You can get them back in your life.

People also leave their love to earn money or to complete their aims and they don’t care about you and what you are feeling at the time, they only think about themselves. And if you are searching the solution to change their mindset and not getting the outcome, we can help you by using Pyar ko Pane ka Tarika you can get your beloved back.

You can also read our post for kisi ke dil me mohabbat dalne ka wazifa in simple English language and can follow these in your life.


Pyar ko pane ka tarika in Urdu: –

Waa-alqaytu alaayka muhabbatan mine waalitusnaa

ala aayne tamashee ukhtukaa fataqooluu hal

adullukuumala man yakfuuluhu faraja anaaka

ilaa umika ke  taqaarra aynuhaa wala tahzanaa

waqataltaa nafsaan fanaj jaynaka meena alghammi

wafatannaaka futunaan falabista sineena fee ahli

madayana suma jita alaqadarin yaa

musa Was tana atuka linaafsee

प्यार को पाने की सुरह (उर्दू में): –

वा-अलकेतु अलैका मुहब्बतां माइन वाळितुस्ना

अला आयने तमाशाई उख्तुका फाटक़ऊलू हल

अडूललुकूमल मन यक्फूलुहु फराज अनेक

इला उमिक के तक़रर एनुहा वाला तहज़ाना

वक़तलता नफ़सान फनज जेनका मीना अलघम्मी

वफ़ातन्नाक फुतुनां फलाबिस्टा सिनीन फी भली

मदयन सुम जीत अलक़दरिन या

मूसा वास् तन एतुका लिनाफसी।